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HBR, INC. is a the corporation and Hybrid Brokers Realty is our DBA.  We are a real estate brokerage locally owned and operated. We offer services on Residential Buy and Sell sides, REO, Short Sale, Foreclosures, Commercial Sales, and many more.  Our vision is to be Sacramento’s local brokerage and the name you think of when real estate comes to mind.

There are many things that set us apart from the rest, but the biggest benefit we provide to Sacramento is our desire to help improve and better everyone’s lives around us.  We believe this is best done through giving back.  We honor our home by donating to local charities.  We take pride in Sacramento and believe our donations are best spent building up our community.

On a real estate level, HBR Inc. is different because we offer options you will not find anywhere else.  We have structured a company that not only helps you buy or sell real estate but also we can help you build a home, finance it when banks say no, teach you to build wealth through investment, and give you supreme service throughout the process.


These are some of the things to consider:

  • Is there enough room for both the present and the future?
  • Are there enough bedrooms and bathrooms?
  • Do you like the floor plan?
  • Is the home structurally sound?
  • Do the mechanical systems and appliances work?
  • Will your furniture fit in the space? Is there enough storage space?
  • Is the yard big enough?
  • Imagine the home in good weather and bad – will you be happy with it year round?


  • What type of home is most preferred for you?
  • What type of construction do you like?
  • What types of activities will take place in your home? (entertaining, raising children, etc.)
  • Are these activities likely to change?
  • How long do you plan on living in the home?
  • How many bedrooms do you need? …and bathrooms?
  • Do you want a large lot of small one?
  • How much square footage are you looking for?
  • Do you need public transportation nearby?
  • What is the quality of internet in the area?
  • Hybrid Brokers Realty has a in house loan officer on site that is standby to assist you and your needs now. Things to consider:
  • The amount of cash you have available for a down payment
  • Your credit history
  • The interest rate that you qualify for
  • Finding out what you qualify for
  • Finding out what your monthly payment would be
  • When you have found the home that you want, its time to make an offer.
  • You will need to consider the following:
  • How much can you pay? Remember to Not be caught up in emotion.
  • How much should you pay?
  • How badly do you want the home?
  • Do you think the house is accurately priced?
  • Is the owner in a hurry to sell or not?
  • The house has just come on the market and similar homes have sold quickly.
  • You have inspected the home in great detail and have determined there are no major problems that you are not aware of.