The Sacramento Region

We at Hybrid have a strong commitment to our local community.  Our goal is to create as much wealth and prosperity in our home town as possible.  Sacramento is a very unique community with many advantages.  Below are some of the reasons we like to call Sacramento our home.

Sacramento continually ranks in the top ten sunniest cities in the United States with 78% of its annual weather ‘sunny’. Residents frequently cite ‘great weather’ as one of the reasons they call the City of Sacramento home.

Ramping up its renewable and “green” efforts, ranking 12th best in nation amongst over 100 metropolitan areas, and often called “The City of Trees.”
One of the most affordable real estate markets in California while maintaining career opportunities in the private and public sectors.

While in close proximity to the Bay Area Sacramento it is still one of the safest and most seismically stable regions in the West.

Home to the capitol of one of the largest and most influential economies of the world, California.

Our region has a 2007 estimated population at right about 2,000,000 and also one of the fastest growing regions. An estimated 6 million visitors a year that come to see the historical Gold Rush locations, the world renowned Crocker Art Museum (which has just tripled in size) and the California State Capitol.

One of the most diverse and integrated regions in the United States where “everyone is a minority” in a statement by Time Magazine.

Advanced regional development and transportation blueprint developed up to 2035.

Home to several excellent state as well as private universities and great law schools, with a high average level of education.